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Wholesalers, Retailers & Restaurants…

Did you know our products are highly usable and make great starters and Indian appetisers.

Whether your having an Asian themed event or not, our products can be used in innovative ways to impress your guests and their tastebuds!

Since setting up shop in 1985, we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with a wide variety of wholesalers, retailers and restaurants all around the world. From our delicious range of Para to our exclusive Masala Sticks, we take a lot of pride in our products, and we’re sure that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Our asian snacks are crafted with attention to detail to ensure every bite is the best it can be, so we make the perfect choice for resellers, eateries and independent distributors looking for authentic fare at a great price. We’ve supplied our products to a range of global businesses for more than thirty years, so if you’re a business looking for some yummy snacks, let’s have a chat.

Everyone loves a get together, and our tasty Indian treats make the perfect party food for your guests. From Eid to office parties and from Diwali to wedding receptions, hungry guests is the one thing that all events have in common. Working well as starters, appetizers and finger food, whatever your event, the guests are sure to love our menu. When you’re hosting something special, let Chandra provide the nibbles