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September 12, 2020

3 Diwali Snacks That Will Light Up Your Diwali Party

Here at Chandra Foods, Diwali is one of our favourite festivals of the year! Usually lasting five days, we just love to see the way homes and hearts light up around this time of year. Although plans may look a little different this year. there’s no reason you can’t celebrate at home with some delicious snacks! Here’s some of our favourites…

Pani Puri

No Festival Of Light celebrations would be complete without one of India’s most common street foods. The popular street food doesn’t need any introduction and is simply a must! Making it yourself is a great way to customise it to the way you like it but if you’re looking for an easier way to obtain a healthy and delicious ready-made pani puri, look no further. Buy Chandra Foods’ Pani Puri here.

Kachhe Kele Ke Kebab

Totally vegan and gluten-free, kachhe kale ke kebab is bound to be a hit at your Diwali celebrations. Made with bananas, green plantains and kachhe kele, these kebabs go amazingly with coriander chutney. We love this recipe from My Food Story.

Sweet Para

Sweet Para is a crispy, sweet, diamond shaped Indian snack, which is commonly associated with festivals of Diwali, so it would be rude not to include this traditional snack! Made with only a few basic ingredients like maida, rava, sugar, ghee, milk, salt and oil, these diamond shaped snacks are bound to be lit! Shop Chandra Foods’ Sweet Para here.

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