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August 15, 2020

4 Unique Indian Foods You Have To Try

With their tongue-tingling flavours and exotic ingredients, Indian dishes are often equally exciting and intimidating. You will encounter a magical world of taste and a unique culinary experience when you first try Indian cuisine either at home or out. And, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most unique Indian foods that you should try:

4 Unique Indian Foods You Have To Try Today

Bhang Lassi- bhang is cannabis leaves, which is used in various Indian dishes. Bhang lassi is made of cannabis leaves paste, mixed with whey and curd. The mixture is hand-blend, until the butter rises. It’s considered as a refreshing and tasty dessert. As a cultural dessert, bhang lassi is mostly legal in India and usually sold during Holi. In Uttar Pradesh, you can find many licensed bhang shops.

Bheja Fry- Bheja fry is a well-known slang in Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai to describe an irritating person or situation that could “fry” your brain. It is essentially fried lamb, goat or sheep brain that’s cooked with spicy masala. This dish can be traced back from the era of medieval India among Muslim inhabitants. Bheja fry is quite popular as a street food in Hyderabad. Pistachio and almonds can be added to make a richer gravy. It is usually eaten with pao or Khameeri roti. In northern parts of India, a variant called Tawa Maghaz, uses grated egg, garam masala, chilli paste and coriander.

Red Ants Chutney- it’s a unique dish from Chattisgarh, that’s made of red ants, along with their eggs. Dried red ants are crushed with spices, sweeteners, and salt. Red ants contain formic acid, resulting in a sharp, tangy, and spicy dish. Locals believe that red ants chutney renders certain medicinal qualities.

Tilli- tilli is buffalo’s spleen marinated in spices and then char-grilled. This dish is a popular street snack in Pune, known for its distinctive sharp flavour. Spleen is rich in iron and tastes like liver.

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