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July 25, 2020

Why Our Snacks Are A Great Choice For Your Household

Here at Chandra Foods, we believe in quality, value and taste. Ever since we began in our family kitchen, there has always been an emphasis on these. No matter the size of the company, we have always believed these are the three most important parts about the businesses. The food itself is a close second! If you’re looking for some new and exciting things to try out at snack-time, here’s why you should choose us.


What’s better than authentic Indian food? A company that stems from a proud heritage! We are an independent, family-run business and are proud to say we haven’t strayed from the strong values our parents distilled in us over the course of 30+ years we have been doing this. By supporting our independent business you’re not only supporting the economy, you’re supporting a family.

Unbeatable Customer Service

We have been creating a wide range of delicious, Indian snacks since 1985! That’s more than three decades. The secret to sticking around this long? We keep the customer at the heart of everything we do. Every purchase we make, every food we create, it’s all about you. We are proud to provide quick delivery and incredible food.


You’ll be hard pushed to find a broader variety of treats available than the ones we offer! From a wide range of different flavoured Masala sticks to dried fruits and Methi Chakri, we guarantee you’ll find something for everyone in your household without breaking the bank.

Contact Chandra Foods

To learn more tasty Indian recipes, contact Chandra Foods and shop a wide selection of high quality traditional Indian foods today!

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