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July 04, 2020

Why Dry Fruits Work With Indian Vegetarian Food

Fruit is one of the essential food groups when it comes to a rich and healthy diet. People typically turn to them when they’re in need of a healthy snack or want to bulk up a morning meal. Packed with delicious flavour and nutritious benefits, using dry fruits in particular is a great way to spruce up your meals.

Prepared by drying up the water content in fruits, dried fruit leads to the concentration of nutrients like fibre, vitamins and antioxidants making them powerhouses of nutrition. Packed with essential nutrients and energy, they work well during winters or flu season as they not only give energy but also warmth to the body. Another good time to consider infusing your diet with dried fruits is during religious fasting days for a quick boost of much needed energy!

You can dry roast the fruits in a pan or oven and spice them with your favourite spices. One quick and easy recipe is dry fruits ladoo. You can play around with the proportions of the dry fruits according to your fancy. You could also try a dry fruits barfi recipe. Since the sweetness comes from the dried fruit, there’s no need to add any sugar! Thus lowering your calorie intake. Another recipe that works well is kashmiri pulao. This aromatic, mild and sweet rice dish works especially well with dry fruits. Looking for a dessert? Try the infamous South Indian pudding fruit kesari. You can use a mix of fresh and dry fruit with lava and ghee.

With a wide range of ways to use and infuse them, dry fruits can be rich in calories and should only really be eaten in small portions. They’re always better preparing them yourself at home because

1) store-bought varieties can contain excessive amounts of sugar and

2) it’s just more fun making them yourself!

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