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April 24, 2020

Indian Street Food Snacks: Our Top Picks

indian street food snacks

Indian food is loved by many for its character and sheer variety. And nowhere is this variety of options more apparent than with Indian street food snacks.

These tasty, colourful and spicy snacks are mainstays of urban life in India, however, you do not need to travel all the way to the subcontinent, to get the full experience.

Here are 10 delicious Indian street food snacks you find right here, from Chandra foods.

1.    Chakri

This snack is made in variety of ways, but the basic ingredients are a mixture of rice flour, gram flour, and wheat flour, and assorted spices. The end result is a delicious snack that may or may not be spicy depending on the ingredients used.

2.    Methi Chakri

Methi Chakri is a delicious variation of regular chakri. The ingredients are very similar to those used in regular chakri, but the addition of methi leaves adds a distinctive taste along with some extra nutrients.

3.    Masala sticks

Masala sticks are made with wheat flour and contain a mix of added ingredients that makes this Indian street food snack both delicious and healthy. These ingredients typically include turmeric, red chilli powder, and an assortment of traditional Indian spices.

4.    Salt and Black Pepper Masala Sticks

These are a variation of the previously-mentioned masala sticks. With the obvious major ingredients being salt and black pepper, these masala sticks are a tasty treat.

5.    Sugar Coated Masala Sticks

Yet another masala stick variation, these ones come coated in sugar. Sugar-coated masala sticks are very popular with kids, and can also be enjoyed along with some tea.

6.    Fafda

This snack is very commonly eaten for breakfast. It is made from besan, crushed peppercorns, salt and baking soda, along with ajwain. Lots of people love to combine Fafda with other meals like papaya sambharo, green chilli, and fafda chutney.

7.    Shakkar para

Also known as shankarpali, shakkar para is a traditional Indian snack. There are two ways of making shakkar para, but the ingredients are the same in both, and include maida, semolina, ghee, sugar, milk, salt and oil.

8.    Pharsi Puri

Pharsi means crispy, and this snack lives true to the title. Made from a combination of maida and semolina, along with a range of spices such as black pepper and cumin, this snack is known for being delicious and filling.

9.    Methi Masala Poori

This is a much-loved indian snack that is typically served on specially occasions, but can also be found as a street snack. It is made from dry methi leaves, spicy green chilli, and arhar dal. This treat is sure to delight!

10. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is one of the more popular Indian street snacks. Made with an interesting combination of potatoes, onions, chickpeas, coriander and a bunch of other traditional flavouring and spices, this snack is delicious and high in nutrients.

Shop for Delicious Indian Street Food Snacks

You don’t have to traverse the streets of Delhi to find your favorite Indian street snacks. At Chandra we provide a very inclusive collection of these snacks and more. To find your favorites, simply visit our shop or contact us for more information.