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December 03, 2019

Some Of The Best Spicy Indian Snacks You Would Ever Find

spicy indian snacks

By now you should already know that South Asia has some of the most beautiful ingredients used for food recipes. India, in particular, has so many amazing snacks made from these unique ingredients. Some of the snacks are sweet, others are salty and some of them are even both sweet and salty. On this blog post, however, we will be looking into some of the best spicy Indian snacks:

Masala Sticks

Generally, masala sticks are one of the most preferred evening snacks and are also widely used in the preparation of bhel puri, fruits and vegetable chaats. Masala Sticks can be categorized based on their main chief ingredient.

Salt and Black Pepper

Masala sticks can be made with different chief ingredients. For this particular category of masala sticks, the chief ingredient is the salt and black pepper content and this is what differentiates it from other categories.

The ingredients include plain flour (wheat gluten), water, sunflower, Oil, Sugar, Ajwain, Black pepper, Salt and Sesame seeds.

Chilli and Ginger

This category of masala sticks is differentiated based on their chili and ginger content. Ingredients include Plain flour (wheat gluten), water, sunflower oil, green chilies, fresh ginger, fresh fenugreek, chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, sugar, ajwan, cumin seeds, sesame seeds.

In general, masala sticks, are delicious spicy Indian snacks. We absolutely love them!

Salt and Spicy Para

Like masala sticks, para is made using a blend of wheat flour, oil, and traditional Indian spices. Para also comes in a wide range of flavors including Salt and Spicy, Sweet, Thika and more.
The salt and spicy para contain the following ingredients: Plain flour (wheat gluten), Water, sunflower oil, sugar, ajwain, black pepper, salt, sesame seeds.

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