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November 18, 2019

Health Benefits Of Indian Food

Indian food is known the world over for its incredible blend of flavours and spices. But what many people don’t know is just how healthy it is for you. In fact, Indian food is among the healthiest of the world’s cuisine.

Health Benefits Of Indian Food

If you are looking for something healthy for dinner tonight, give Indian food a try and add some flavour to your life! Keep reading to learn some of the health benefits that Indian food has to offer.

Indian Spices Lead To A Higher Metabolism

You can increase your metabolism by eating certain spices found in Indian cuisine. A faster metabolism means that you will have more energy. You will also be able to burn fat much more efficiently.

Spicy Indian Foods Help You Eat Less

When you eat spicy foods, you will find that you actually eat less food at every meal. Every bite will be full of flavour which will help you avoid ‘boredom eating’.

Less Saturated Fat

On average, most Indian foods contain less saturated fats than their Western counterparts. This is mainly because Indian foods are cooked in sesame oil, peanut oil or vegetable oil, instead of butter.

Fresher Ingredients And No Preservatives

Most Indian dishes are made using only fresh ingredients and no preservatives. This means a healthier, more nutritious meal for you.

Minty Yogurt Or Raita

Indian yoghurt has much less saturated fat when compared to regular mayonnaise. You get all of the flavours, but without any of the fat.

Indian Food Retains More Of Its Nutritional Value

Indian cuisine typically retains the nutritional value of each ingredient. This is because of the traditional Indian cooking methods used to prepare each meal. The slow cooking method used in Indian cuisine lets the flavour of the spices spread throughout the entire dish. This is why Indian cuisine is typically more flavourful than other foods from around the world.

Chapati / Roti (Indian Bread)

Chapati is made using Atta flour, which comes from Indian wheat, or durum, instead of refined flour. Atta flour is what makes a chapati easier to digest, giving you more usable energy after eating it.

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