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PharsiPuri-HC1Planning a trip, unexpectedly expecting guests, need an in-between snack? Whatever the reason!

Bursting with natural tastes, Chandra Foods Ltd’s Pharshi Puri; a blend of wheat flour, all purpose flour, cumin seeds, and black peppers are usually made during holidays or when you are expecting lots of guests

These crispy savouries which simply melt in your mouth make a great snack but can also be eaten with your curry and rice or whilst you are on holiday and do not wish to carry any messy food.

Chandras is the only exclusive, premier and the sole manufacturer and supplier of Pharshi Puri in UK.

Neatly packed and sealed, it is prepared under hygienic conditions using the finest quality ingredients, freshest produce to bring out the authentic taste of our Indian ethnic savoury snacks.

Pharshi Puris

The word “Pharshi” is derived from kathiyavad (Gujarat) which means crispy.