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MethiMasalaPuri-HC-02Wholesome nutrition and wholesome goodness in every bite! Imagine that! Perfect for fun and in-between snacks, parties, or as an appetiser to a main meal, Chandra Foods Ltd’s Methi Masala Puri are just the answer to the hunger pangs. Made with methi (fenugreek leaves), fresh green chillies, and ajwain (carrom seeds) can be enjoyed with tea or your favourite pickle

A favorite dish among Indian households, this snack with lots of methi (fenugreek leaves) in them; which adds a special flavor and impact to these puris, is a wonderful and tasty treat for all Indian snack lovers.

Chandrasis the only exclusive, premier and the sole manufacturer and supplier of Methi Masala Puri in UK.

Neatly packed and sealed, it is prepared under hygienic conditions using the finest quality ingredients, freshest produce to bring out the authentic taste of our Indian ethnic savoury snacks.

Methi Puri

“Methi Puri is traditionally prepared on Karwa Chauth, a traditional Hindu and Barelvi festival of married women celebrated in the Northern regions of India”