Product Details

SeriouslySpicy-HC-09Some like it fiery and hot, the spicier the better. And that often means spicy party snacks are tough to find. But Chandra Foods Ltd’s Masala Sticks-Seriously Spicy, you can expect it to be awesome, spicy and fiery.

So spicy and seriously addicting that your evening with your family, guests that it makes the number choice for snacks.

Spice-laden, these crispy and crunchy snacks made with potato sticks, cashew and almonds are seasoned and sprinkled with black pepper, poppy seeds, ginger, green chillies, curry leaves, and fresh coriander; a flavourful combination will awaken your taste buds with its blast of rich flavour and aroma.

Chandras is the only exclusive, premier and the sole manufacturer and supplier of Masala Sticks – Seroiusly Spicy in UK.

Neatly packed and sealed, it is prepared under hygienic conditions using the finest quality ingredients, freshest produce to bring out the authentic taste of our Indian ethnic savoury snacks.