Product Details

Perfect for fun snack food, party food, or as an appetiser to a main meal, it is served along with various beverages such as tea or coffee. A popular savoury snack eaten during festive occasions, Chandra Foods Ltd’s Chakri is scrumptious and crunchy when compared to other brands. Chakri also known as Chakli is made from rice flour, urad dal flour and water, seasoned with salt, asafetida, sprinkled with sesame seeds with a tad bit of ginger and chilli to give it that extra kick.

Spiral shaped with fine serrated edges, it is low in cholesterol and considered a fine option for healthy diet. Made from excellent and high quality ingredients like spices, flour, seasonings, and oils make Chandra Foods Ltd’s Chakri mouth watering.

Chandrasis the only exclusive, premier and the sole manufacturer and supplier of Chakri in UK.  Neatly packed and sealed, it is prepared under hygienic conditions using the finest quality ingredients, freshest produce to bring out the authentic taste of our Indian ethnic savoury snacks.


In Karnataka and Maharashtra, Chakri is known as Chakli. in Andhra Pradesh, it goes vy a variety of names like Murukulu, Chakralu, or Jantikalu.  The Konkanis called Chakri or Chakkuli.