Chandras, apart from being a successful business and a brand, also does it bit for the Indian Diaspora; the Indian community that is now synonymous with UK’s culture and heritage. Chandras consistently strives to help its Indian community by participating and organising in activities that is instrumental for the development of the Indian community.

A look at it active participation:

  • Chandras has contributed in preventing a spate of break-in’s in the local area
  • Wherever a crime has occurred or the possibility of its happening, Chandras has reported the same to the police
  • Chandras has found innovative ways to do more to help out the local community
  • Chandras has donated a significant amount of money to “Police Community Clubs”
  • Chandras holds events to help keep their younger generation; its youth off the street, making them focus their young minds on more meaningful business, i.e. sports, cultural activities etc.