chandra-25Established in 1985, Chandras is a family owned company which provides quality ethnic and authentic Indian snacks under the Brand name Chandras. It offers an assorted range of traditional and modern Indian snacks at competitive prices. It is one of premier and leading manufacturers and suppliers of whole sale foods and Indian snacks; its specialty being Pani Puris. Other products its manufactures and supplies are Fafda, Chevdo, Methi Puri, Pharshi Puri and not to mention, its “one-of-a-kind” and exclusive productMasala Sticks.” Chandras caters to the Indian as well as foreign palate.

Chandras started its business right from the comforts of the family home, where typically the whole family would come over to help out to produce and pack the stock whereafter the Head of the Family would go out and sell the products. All of Chandras products are the recipes; the creation and ideas from the lady of the house, recipes that were passed down to her from her mother. Since its establishment, the company has grown dramatically in size and scope. Chandras now not only manufactures and supplies Indian savory snacks to the UK retailers and restaurants but also has clientele and customers who come from other countries of the world. It now has a reputation for manufacturing quality snacks under hygienic conditions; providing its clientele and customers with ultimate taste and relishing freshness.

If you have any queries, or if you wish to become a distributor of our exclusive products or would simply like to place an order, please get in touch with us.